The Department of Disaster Management/Secretariat of National Disaster Management Authority shall serve as; 
  1. 1. Serve as the secretariat and executive arm of the National Disaster Management Authority.
  2. 2. Function as the national coordinating agency for disaster management.
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  4. Functions of the Department:
  5. 1.   Lay down the disaster management strategic policy framework;
    2.   Mainstream disaster risk reduction into development plans, policies, programmes and projects;
    3.   Prepare the National Plan in coordination with relevant agencies;
    4.   Formulate national standard, guideline and standard operating procedure for disaster management;
    5.   Develop and implement public education, awareness and capacity building programme on disaster management;
    6.   Develop standard training module and curriculum on disaster management in coordination with relevant agencies;
    7.   Develop, maintain and update Disaster Management Information System in coordination with relevant agencies;
    1. 8.   Facilitate the constitution of Disaster Management Committees and ensure its efficient functioning;
      9.   Facilitate the formulation of hazard zonation and vulnerability map by relevant agencies;
      10. Facilitate and coordinate the setting up of Critical Disaster Management Facility and ensure its effective and efficient functioning;
      11. Facilitate the establishment/commissioning of research, development and training in the field of disaster management;
      12. Collaborate with government of other countries, international organizations, international NGOs, business establishments or volunteer groups identified by NDMA;
      14. Facilitate and coordinate international disaster response;
      15. Facilitate relief and recovery assistance;


Service-oriented local government and disaster-resilient nation.


- To promote people’s participation and enable local governments to deliver public services.
To strengthen disaster management capabilities for prevention and response to disasters.

Core Values

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Functions of Divisions

Local Governance Division


Strengthen local governments by instituting good governance, systems and structures:
1.  Draft and/or review and revise LG related acts, rules & regulation, protocols and policies.
2.  Sensitization on LG Act, Amendments, and Rules and Regulations.
3.  Coordinate meetings of LG functionaries.
4.  Coordinate trainings for LG members & induction of new Key LG members.
5.  Ensure compliance of LG Act, Rules, guidelines and other protocols by LGs.
Community Participation Division


Promote civic engagement and social accountability to ensure community ownership, responsibility and sustainability:
1.  Promotion of community participation.
2.  Enhance community vitalization to deepen decentralization and democracy. 
3.  LG performance assessment and recognition system 
4.  Study the functioning of Local Government institutions.
5.  Provide policy recommendations on management and operation of community groups.
Disaster Preparedness & Response Division


Enhance disaster preparedness for efficient and effective response, rehabilitation and recovery:
1.  Search and Rescue (SAR) Training.
2.  Procurement and distribution of SAR equipment.
3.  Simulation Exercise (SIMEX).
4.  Conduct the social vulnerability Assessment.
5.  Coordination and facilitation of relief and response requests received from Dzongkhags and other agencies.
Disaster Prevention & Mitigation Division


Promote mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction across all sectors and advocate DRR safety and community resilience:
1.  Development & review DMCP of agencies and institutions.
2.  Public Education and Awareness on Structural and Non- Structural Measures. 
3.  Develop & update DRM Framework, guidelines, protocol, and standards.
4.  Technical review & backstopping for DRR Activities.
5.  Monitor the implementation of DMCP /DRM Activities.

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