Decentralization and Local Governance Project-2 (DLGP-2)

Decentralization and Local Governance Project (DLGP-2)
DLGP-2 is the continuation of DLGP-1 supported by HELVETAS Swiss inter-cooperation. The duration of the project is for three years (2023 to 2025). Unlike in the past, the project aspires to achieve two outcomes- Governance and Tourism. 
For the Governance component, the activities will be implemented in five Dzongkhags (Chukha, Mongar, Pemagatshel, Lhuntse and Zhemgang) and specifically for ten pilot Gewogs namely Bongo and Darla; Silambi and Jurmey; Dechenling and Chongshing; Gangzur and Jarey; and Bardo and Phangkhar of the above five Dzongkhags respectively. 
For the Tourism component, two Dzongkhags are selected as pilot sites Chukha and Pemagatshel and the activates will be implemented on cluster or circuit-based.
Aims and Objectives 
The Project aims to improving the living standard of the people through capacity enhancement of the LGs, engagement of communities improving the responsiveness and effectiveness of key public services and creating local economic opportunities.
Outcomes 1 (Governance)
Increased participation of the community groups in planning, implementation and management of key public services with the following indicators:
a)     Increase in participation of the community group members in Chiwog Zomdus;
b)    Community group members are aware of the Dzongkhag and gewog planning and budgeting processes;
c)     Community group members are demonstrating capacity to participate in planning, implementation, and management of key public services; and
d)    Local administrations demonstrate positive behavioral change and willingness to engage community groups in planning, budgeting and implementation processes
Outcomes 2 (Tourism- Community Based Tourism) 
Enhanced local economic opportunities for youth and women with the following indicators:
a)     Increased participation of youth and women in the local economic activities in the project sites; and
b)    Increased employability and income of youth and women through local economic opportunities.

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